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0002685Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2020-05-04 23:11
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Summary0002685: Problems with radiation, continuous deaths.
DescriptionIt turns out that a couple of days ago I started a minecraft server with some friends, and we added among other mods the Industrialcraft. The problem comes when we are in the mine and suddenly without any warning or anything our life goes down very fast and we end up dying without being able to avoid it. Soon we realized that it was because of the uranium block that emitted radiation and this makes your life lower. The thing is that many times it is impossible to know where there is radiation or a block of uranium nearby when you are in the mine, and as I said before you die without being able to do anything. I've been searching in the forum and on the internet for some solution and I haven't found anything.

We would like to know if you can remove or at least make this effect less severe, since we don't stop dying. The version I'm using is Industrialcraft 2 2.8.197 (the last one released) for minecraft 1.12.2.

I thank you in advance for your help and I hope you can help me.
Tags1.12.2, death, Industrialcraft, minecraft, Radiation, radioactive
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2020-04-23 12:42

reporter   ~0006219

Never encountered this, but you could try using a hazmat suit.


2020-04-24 01:19

developer   ~0006220

Are you using any other mods (especially ones which change the drop of uranium ore)? The ore itself is not radioactive in anyway, but the processed products from it are.

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