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0002696Industrial-Craft²Agriculture / crops / Boozeceptionpublic2020-06-03 00:05
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Summary0002696: Disable/enable certain crops mutation via config
DescriptionAs I saw in latest version, more crops mutation has been added.
I tried to look around in config, configs in jar and can't find a way, how to disable cross-breeding at all or specific crop.

Would be nice to have option, which "seed" can be placed in crop stick and what can we get by cross-breeding (mutation) of crops.

We have a server with IC2 and with this possible crops mutation, it is very easy to get a lot of resources just by being "afk" and by making a lot of Crop-Harvesters. With possibility to get almost every needed Minecraft resources (Iron, Tin, Gold, etc.) via crops, the player can achieve everything much quicker. That is why I would like to have options to tweak the crops.
Tagscrops, cross-breeding
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2020-05-30 10:03

developer   ~0006238

Crops take so long to be in a place where you can get anything in large quantities that i do not see this an issue. If you if think crops are op i wonder what do you think about a mob farm or a quarry. That said i will see what can be done.


2020-05-30 10:29

developer   ~0006239

Last edited: 2020-05-30 10:30

In build 206 you can disable crops in a new section under the general.ini config

; Comma separated list of crops which should not be loaded.
; Format: owner:crop
; for example ic2:ferru, ic2:wheat
disabledCrops =


2020-05-30 10:41

reporter   ~0006240

I was able to get after less than two hours Stickreed (which is OK), but in less then 5 hours I was able to get Cyprium, Plumbiscus. Also I am able to have acorns - to automatically harvest trees. I know, that to have more of these crops is going to take more time, but still the time to achieve these crops is very quick (in my opinion) and can shortened a lot the progress to "get to the end game".
We see IC2 like one of the mods, where you need to just play it a lot of hours to achieve something, but with these crops it is like "go AFK, crop-harvester will get you plenty of resources".

About mob farm and quarry.. We play only with IndustrialCraft, because this is all what we needed. Only the crops seems to be a bit OP right now.


2020-05-30 10:42

reporter   ~0006241

Nice, thank you a lot!


2020-06-02 19:11

reporter   ~0006242

One thing I discovered which you might want to warn players about: adding ic2:weed to disabledCrops doesn't prevent weeds from growing (as one might be tempted to expect), instead it makes them invisible!


2020-06-03 00:05

developer   ~0006243

Good to know should be fix in build 208

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