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0002715Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2020-07-31 10:17
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Platform1.12.2 + forge Versionwindows 10
Summary0002715: blockstate broken after restart game
DescriptionWhen I place an ic2 machine on the ground, the blockstate is:

But when I restart the client, or just exit the game and get into it again, the blockstate changes to:

The "type" becomes "invalid"

It happens to all ic2:te blocks and it always happens.

I use the follow code to get blockstate:

Test on version 2.8.219-ex112
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2020-07-31 10:17

reporter   ~0006273

I might have a similar issue, although I don't think I have the ability to check the blockstate.
For me the cables and machines are no longer functional/connecting. See my reddit post for a picture.
Is this similar to what you are having?

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