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0002716Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2020-07-21 17:03
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 10OS VersionWindows 10 2004
Summary0002716: Lighting a nuke by ITNT and all materials will drop but nuke still explode
DescriptionA Nuke with explosive material inside will be lit by explosion of an ITNT nearby then goes off, as expected. But in my test the nuke dropped all its materials inside after undergoing a nearby ITNT explosion, including U-235 and ITNT. But the power of nuclear explosion afterwards didn‘t change at all, just like no materials had ever been dropped outside the nuke.
The version of IC2 is 2.8.220-ex112.
The version of Forge is 2854.
Steps To ReproduceI. Put down the nuke, ITNT and a button as pic. 1 shows. Make sure that pushing the button will only activate the ITNT but the explosion of ITNT is can cover the nuke. Attention that there's nothing in my inventory still.
II. Fill explosive material including U-235 and ITNT as pic. 2.
III. Push down the button.
IV. The ITNT goes off and make explosive material inside the nuke drops. Attention to my inventory in pic. 3, it's a screenshot taken just after the ITNT goes off.
V. The nuke goes off. Range of Explosion is as pic. 4 shows ---- it did not even changed a single bit. Just like the nuke is filled with U-235, but clearly they've dropped right after the ITNT went off.
Additional InformationIf need any more info, feel free to contact me by emailing Have a nice day!
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2020-07-20 18:57


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2020-07-21 17:03

reporter   ~0006269

Blocks which lead to a crash are circled in red. Can't be more close or the client will crash.
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