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0000274Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-08-03 11:01
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Platformjava 7u10 x64OSwinOS Version7
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Summary0000274: Miner infinitely mining cobblestone
DescriptionMiner infinitely mining cobblestone when flowing lava and water meet.

Not really a bug, but it halts mining eating up energy and not allowing you to mine deeper. tested with regular mining drill.

Steps To Reproducehave lava and water meet between borehead and valuable ore
Additional InformationDiamond drill may solve an issue due to faster mining rate (i doubt)
also having still lava (id 11) in config, as a valuable resource may reduce but not complete solve an issue.
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2013-01-28 11:40

reporter   ~0000697

posible solutions:

since its not a bug, but rather a feature it may be solved in a following way:

Make miner to work in burst mode thus mining targeted ore and cobblestone or whatever inbetween in a single tick. Timing and energy consumtion should be also reajusted to balance new behavior. This way you will always get targeted ore guaranteed even if there is a natural cobblegen.


2013-01-28 18:06

reporter   ~0000698

Perhaps make the miner instantly extend itself into the block it just dug, so the cobble wouldn't be able to re-form because the drill head would already be there.


2013-01-29 10:52

reporter   ~0000702

horizontal movement of a borehead would be a pain for coders, i believe.But that solution would be perfect


2013-01-31 10:12

reporter   ~0000714

Confirmed to be in 115 as well


2013-02-01 20:24

reporter   ~0000716

Instead of extension, i propose a "burst" mining mode, which starts charging until it has enough EU to dig all blocks to get through the ore, so natural cobblegens wont stop mining operations.


2013-02-02 01:05

administrator   ~0000725

This has been in IC forever, I'm not sure about the most elegant solution yet.


2013-02-05 20:25

reporter   ~0000749

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I also was thinking about adding slot in miner for some "filling" material like sand or gravel (dirt?) to fill hollow spaces left after mining. But that would require too much filling material.

The idea of placing macerator next to miner to get sand or gravel from cobble seems extra cool for me as i like complex setups but the most probably will be rejected by community and developers.


2013-08-03 11:01

reporter   ~0001197

One solution is to "give up" and go to next level/block. Don't know how the code looks, but something like this maybe.

Easier: Count number of blocks mined, go to next level and reset counter if it reaches 25.

Harder: Reset the counter for each "valuable resource" the miner tries to get, +1 as long as it mines another block on the way. Then if counter reaches 4-5(?) put the block/coordinates in a "exclude list" and search for next block. Filter using the list in getNextValuableOre() or whatever (it's not valuable when it's hard to reach)... reset list when going to next level.

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