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0002754Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2021-01-27 03:12
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Summary0002754: Cables do not play nice with the Recipe Book
DescriptionMinecraft version 1.12 introduced a new addition to the crafting interface, the "recipe book". When you have the available materials in your inventory, you can autofill the crafting recipe by clicking the appropriate picture in the recipe book. NEI has a similar function.

As of Industrial-Craft 2 Experimental version 2.8.221, crafting recipes which call for cables do not properly autofill. If you attempt to craft with cables using the Recipe Book, the cables will not move to the crafting grid when they are supposed to.

This is not a gamebreaking bug, but it is very annoying for those of us who have gotten used to the recipe book.
Steps To ReproducePlace in your inventory two copper cables and two balls of rubber.

Discovering the Insulated Copper Cable recipe:
Interact with a crafting table.
Manually craft one of the copper cables together with one ball of rubber. (This is so that you discover the recipe for your recipe book.)
Exit the crafting interface.

Reproduce the bug:
Interact with a crafting table.
Open your recipe book (the green book) and find the recipe for an "Insulated Copper Cable". It can be found in either the compass tab or the lava bucket/apple tab.
Click on the "Insulated Copper Cable" icon.

At this point, the remaining cable and rubber are supposed to automatically fill in the crafting grid. Every time I follow these steps, only the rubber moves into the crafting grid. That is the bug.
Additional Informationforge1.12.2- (recommended)
Tags1.12.2-2-2.8.221-ex122, recipe book
Minecraft Version1.12.2



2021-01-27 03:12

reporter   ~0006293

Screenshot showing the recipe book. If I click on the insultated cable button to the left, the uninsulated cable and rubber should automatically move into the crafting grid.
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2021-01-26_21.39.59.png (42,325 bytes)   

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