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0002763Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2021-03-21 17:42
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Summary0002763: MFE won't output energy sometimes
DescriptionI've stumbled on a bug where the MFE (not sure if it also applied to other storage devices) will not output any energy anymore to any machines, until you destroy and replace a cable connected to it. I've set a demonstration in the video bellow
Steps To ReproduceNot sure what is causing it
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Minecraft Version1.12.2



2021-03-21 17:42

reporter   ~0006307

Try using your EU-Reader to check EU input and output on the MFE block. If the output is at 512 EU/t, next time you have the problem try removing all cable connections except to the electric heater.

One possibility is that you have a major (>=512 EU/t) power sink behind the transformer, or around the side.


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