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0000282Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-02-07 13:37
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Summary0000282: Massfabricator rotation not updating in SMP. (198lf)
DescriptionIt's simple, the Massfab rotates always to direction 0 (Downwards), meaning that the Variable of the Facing is not updated Clientside.

To solve that, just update the Rotation Variable of it. If you are super lazy, then just change the Default Rotation of it to 2, 3, 4 or 5.
Steps To ReproduceJust unload and reload the Chunk after you placed the Massfab.
Additional InformationAnd no, this is NOT Bukkit! This is vanilla IC²!
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related to 0000284 closedPlayer Machines orientation change after re-logging 



2013-02-06 11:57

reporter   ~0000772

I just wanted to underline, that this has nothing to do with the general Machine Facing Bug! It's ONLY the Massfab (at that least since 1.2.5 btw), not the Terraformer or the Induction Furnace or any other Machine. It is similar but not the same Bug or releated in any kind to that codewise. Or to say it that way: Same symptoms other disease.

I only want to prevent that one forgets this Bug after the general one is fixed.


2013-02-07 13:37

administrator   ~0000775

You're right, I forgot a super call for the initially sent fields there, which left active+facing out. The issue should be fixed in build 218-lf and later.

Thanks for the report+info ;)

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