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Summary0000029: Automatic Crafting Table eats items
Steps To ReproduceStart new world
Give yourself 64 wood planks and an automatic crafting table (or make one if you are so inclined)
place the wood in the shape of a crafting table
when you drop the pile of wood into the inventory above you will only drop 60 into the slot.
At this point you can even remove the wood blocks from the crafting portion (left or right clicking with nothing selected) and the crafting table will remain where it is, allowing you to create one, but not allowing you to take the four wood back.

When you break the table it does not drop the wood blocks, but instead drops the element you were creating.
Additional InformationThis creates an odd set of bugs, including but not limited to the one above.

When moving blocks around you may inadvertently create buttons and not be able to create anything else until the button has been taken from the crafting portion of the layout.
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2012-11-03 03:16

reporter   ~0000060

there is no spoon and crafting table in IC2


2012-11-03 03:19

reporter   ~0000062

shite, my bad. Go ahead and close this one out. sorry about that. I think my server was screwed with.

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