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0000328Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-09-22 10:31
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Summary0000328: Chainsaw sound bug in Creative
DescriptionWhen equipping the Chainsaw while using the Destroy Item function in Creative Mode, the sputtering sound the Chainsaw makes still plays, even though it was deleted.
Steps To Reproduce1)Open a world in Creative Mode.
2)Spawn yourself a Chainsaw.
3)Equip the Chainsaw so it's held in your character's hand. Note that at this time, the Chainsaw starts to sputter an engine sound.
4)View the Survival Inventory page in your Creative Inventory Menu, where you can see the contents of your backpack, the armor your wearing and the Destroy Item button.
5)Either drag the Chainsaw, while still active, into the Destroy Item box or hold onto shift and click the box to clear the whole inventory. Note how, even though the Chainsaw no longer exists, a sputtering noise is still heard until you leave the world.
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2013-09-22 10:31

viewer   ~0001548

clean up Manits Bug Tracker..close automatic all Bug report > 6 months if the error still exists in the current version > IC2 2.0.217 please report new Thx.

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