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0000351Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2013-04-08 09:49
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Summary0000351: World crashes with newest IC2 versions
DescriptionWith Minecraft 1.5.1, the latest forge and latest IC2 builds, my world loads fine, but freezes after a couple of seconds and crashes. This happens every time, even if Forge and IC2 are the only installed mods. Without IC2, everyting works as it should.

Here's the error log:
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2013-03-28 14:05

reporter   ~0000877

What I forgot to say: in a newly generated world, everything works fine though.. could it be my save that got corrupted?


2013-04-05 01:41

reporter   ~0000893

IC2 build 272 has some debugging for this, just wait :)


2013-04-05 07:26

administrator   ~0000895

Yes, please feed your world to the latest build and report back.


2013-04-05 10:43

reporter   ~0000898

I tried an older backup of my world* with build 274 and it freezes again, a window pops up and says IC2 error, but it stays white so I don't know what the error really is ;)

*Some time ago, I deleted all my IC2 stuff from my world, updated Minecraft to 1.5.1 and readded the machines/wires/etc. with Not Enough Items. It works fine now, only thing I lost because of this are the seed bags with good Gr/Ga/Re values, but I can live with that.


2013-04-08 09:49

administrator   ~0000907

This issue could be caused by rei's minimap and others, I think it's fixed by build 281 and a couple earlier ones.

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