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0000370Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-04-30 18:31
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Summary0000370: Miner does not mine vanella ores
DescriptionIC2 Miner machine will extract everything but vanilla ores (gold, iron, diamond, redstone, coal, lapis, etc). Chest properly fills up with all IC2, BC3 and ThermEx ores. Vanilla ore IDs present in the IC2.cfg file.
Steps To ReproduceJust set up a miner and let it work. Look in your chest when it's done and there won't be any vanilla ores mined (unless it went through some on the way to something else).

Dig down into the pit afterwards and you'll see vanilla ore blocks unmined within the extraction zone.
Additional InformationI haven't eliminated any cross-mod issues though since this should be working off the ore library in Forge, there shouldn't be any. The only worldspawnning mods I'm running are Forestry, IC2, BC3, and Thermal Expansion. Oddly, since it's properly seeking out and mining the ore from these modules, it tells me they're working properly with IC2. Could it be an issue with the Ore library in Forge not including the vanilla ores? Unsure. Using latest 1.5.1 builds of everything.
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2013-04-20 20:21

reporter   ~0000920

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I can confirm this. I have GregTech, Thermal Expansion, Forestry and BC3 installed. It seems to mine galena, silver, copper, lead and tin, but ignore vanila ores like iron or gold.

Edit: I have also tested it with just ic2_1.115.294-lf + forge_652 + NEI. Same result. It seems other mods do not affect this bug.

Edit2: Changed forge to latest 663 - still the same result.


2013-04-29 00:51

administrator   ~0000935

Can you update on if that still exists?


2013-04-29 08:28

reporter   ~0000940

It still exists in IC2 304 + Forge 675. And in IC2 305 + Forge 679.

Forge 675 has an interesting change log:
   -Add vanilla Ores to the Ore Dictionary. No recipe replacement required.
But it did not fix this problem.


2013-04-30 18:31

administrator   ~0000959

Fixed. Wildcard metadata discrepancies.

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