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0000376Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2013-06-14 16:55
ReporterGregoriusTAssigned ToRichardG 
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Summary0000376: Crash on World Loading
DescriptionSo, I updated to 304, and now I can no longer access my Test World. New Worlds work fine, and I have no Idea what is causing this Crash.
Steps To ReproduceWell, place a bunch of random crap in 294, update and always crash right after loading the World.
Additional Informationjava.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: custumData
    at ic2.core.IC2.tickStart(
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duplicate of 0000379 resolvedRichardG Stakes cause crash, unable to use save 



2013-04-23 19:52

reporter   ~0000924

I know what it is. It's the Crops again.


2013-04-23 22:13

reporter   ~0000927

First of all, though...


2013-04-25 04:14

reporter   ~0000929

The problem is in ic2/core/block/TileEntityCrop, getNetworkedFields() returns a list of: id, size, upgraded, custumData(sic) - but the custumData short[16] field was removed (though there is a customData field now, its an NBTTagCompound).

This field is still documented in the API at , maybe it should be brought back?

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