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0000390Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2013-10-07 08:20
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Summary0000390: Dynamite and ITNT doesn't work in IC2 build #308 and have missing textures
DescriptionIn latest beta versions of IC2 dynamite isn't breaking any blocks (tested on dirt and stone), but still hurt players.

ITNT breaks blocks, but it also destroys drops like normal TNT. After blowing up 9 wood planks blocks with 1 ITNT only 5 were dropped, explosion
also destroy any dropped items. I think that blast radius is larger than before (equal to normal TNT), but this is untested.
Primed dynamite, primed ITNT, primed Nuke and powered iron fence (by magnetizer) have either missing textures, or very weird.
Additional InformationTested only with Forge 691 and MC 1.5.2. Those issues were already in 0000290, maybe before.
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2013-10-07 08:20

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clean up Manits Bug Tracker..close automatic all Bug report > 3 months if the error still exists in the current version > IC2 2.0.248 please report new Thx.

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