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Summary0000407: Iron Furnace
DescriptionIf you smelt something in the Iron Furnace it dupplicates the output.
Steps To Reproduceif you want to smelt 4 iron ore (or any other ore or wood or Sticky Resin or ...) and use what ever burning material to smelt (coal/wood/..) it first produces 1 iron ingot then if the next one is smelted there are two iron ingots (so far so good) and then when the third one is smelted there are 4 iron ingots and finally if the fourth ore piece smelted you have 8 iron ingots.
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2013-05-22 20:12

reporter   ~0001002

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I've encountered tha same on
industrialcraft-2_1.115.327-lf and industrialcraft-2_1.115.863
I've put a stack of cobblestone in furnace (induction in my case) and it gradually multiplied output by 2 after each cobblestone processed, untill yield reached 64.
Then I removed a stack of stone from result window and it continued smelting but the result quantity of stone remained "1". If you try to do something with the obtained stacks, e.g. divide them or combine, they act weird, not arithmetically.


2013-05-23 20:30

reporter   ~0001005

Last edited: 2013-05-23 20:37

Also encountered this bug. Each time the "material" is smelted, you can try to put it one by one into your inventory. If you try however to interact with the bars in your inventory, all but one disapear.

This seems to be a general smelting problem with IC2, as it also applies to Electronic Furnances and Induction Furnances.

It appears that vanilla furnances also dont work, once IC2 has been used.

Tried a new single player / creative game: Vanilla Furnances work as long as the first IC2 furnance is used. From that point, all furnances (IC2 / Vanilla) become broken.


2013-05-23 22:08

reporter   ~0001008

Same on 1.115.327-lf and 1.115.863.


2013-05-24 01:49

reporter   ~0001011

It works fine now. The only trouble left is that the energy storage bar of induction furnace remains empty even when it is connected to powered cable or charged by lappack.

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