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0000426Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2013-06-10 10:13
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Summary0000426: Crash when using crop-ID not following directly to the already used once
DescriptionIf you add your own crop with the API and give it e.g. an id of 50, minecraft will crash when the crop is rendered if there is a id smaller than 50 which in not assigned to an other crop. This could be solved by editing the method IC2Crops.startSpriteRegistration(). If you change the line "if (cropCard == null) break;" to "if (cropCard == null) continue;", the images of all existing crops will be registered. Maybe this is on purpose, but it creates errors if you don't know that all Ids have to be with out a gap.
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2013-06-10 10:13

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fixed, ty

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