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0000475Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-07-23 14:40
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Summary0000475: Breaking an industrial electrolizer with an electric wrench produces a block called a bug
DescriptionBreaking an industrial electrolizer with an electric wrench produces a block called a bug
Steps To Reproducepower an MFE with a geothermal generator then convert the MFE power with LV transformer then power the industrial electrolizer with glass fiber cabling. then use an electric wrench to break it. the contents of the machine are 6 empty cells and 14 sand
Additional Informationblock id (0000702/0) 702
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2013-07-11 02:49

reporter   ~0001120

The Industrial Electrolyzer is not from IC2, it's from GregTech.


2013-07-11 14:53

reporter   ~0001123

i am aware of this but the bug told me to report the bug to the corresponding wrench mod


2013-07-12 03:22

reporter   ~0001125

If you're using the most recent version of GregTech, it also has its own wrenches and disables the IC2 wrenches.


2013-07-23 14:40

viewer   ~0001140

not a IC2 bug (Sub.Mod issue)

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