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0000485Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2013-07-23 14:30
ReporterMistrXAssigned ToThunderdark 
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PlatformForge #789OSWindowsOS VersionWindows 7
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Summary0000485: Missing armor textures.
DescriptionUsing IC2 build 401 with forge 0000789 (and with 400 too) with no other mods there are no textures for any IC2 armor (including jetpack, bat-pack, etc). Just the purple-and-white texture.
Steps To Reproduce- Install forge 0000789 and IC2 0000401
- Put on yourself (for example) a quantum body armor
- See the third person view
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2013-07-20 05:09

reporter   ~0001133

decompiling files i've seen that its just serching the armor textures in the minecraft.jar instead of the ic2.jar (or whatever name the mod file is having). That can be easily by just adding a parameter in some function at the end of some file that i don't remember atm.


2013-07-23 14:30

viewer   ~0001137

fixed in git

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