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0000005Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2012-10-31 17:14
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Summary0000005: Ghost E-net
DescriptionI have encountered an bug where energy stored in either an MFSU or MFE drains when connected to an miner (not in use miner) my search of IC2 forums resulted in no related topics, so i will post it here
i have tested all other machines for the same glitch and i didn't found any similar glitches with any machine.

A brief description of the bug as i experienced it.

When an miner is placed in the word and connected with some (any cable) it will result in the connected MFE or MFSU (NOT BATBOX!) to be very rapidly drained of its stored power, when the cable between miner and storage is broken, the drain continues until all power is drained. As far as i am aware the drain only happens with the miner connected to the named storage items.

A fix for this bug is to simply save & exit and return to the game, the lost energy is placed back in the storage unit but the draining will continue, until completely drained again.

Steps To ReproduceTested in these ways,
MFSU connected to miner.
EU.tick to miner = 512 EU/Tick - full energy drain at max speed.
continue after disconnecting cable :Yes

MFE connected to miner. EU.tick to miner = 124 EU/Tick - full energy drain at max speed.
continue after disconnecting cable Yes

Batbox connected to miner EU.tick to miner = variable, - energy consumption normal.
no draining. continue after disconnecting cable No
Additional Informationreported an few time in the bug section of the forums, forwarding it to this bug report system as instructed by alblaka's post
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2012-10-31 15:00

reporter   ~0000006

Should be already fixed in v1.107.
Please try reproducing in that version.


2012-10-31 16:34

reporter   ~0000008

alright, i tested v.108 beta and i did not encounter it in there.



2012-10-31 16:35

reporter   ~0000009


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