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0000502Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-06-26 15:22
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Summary0000502: Iron Furnace Texture Problem
DescriptionThe Iron Furnace has a black and pink texture instead of the proper GUI. It is still usable but it is difficult to find the slots to place the items in.
Steps To ReproduceOpen the Iron Furnace.
Additional InformationWe are on multiplayer although everything else we've tried(not that much) seems to work fine.
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2013-08-04 14:03


screenshot.png (20,314 bytes)
screenshot.png (20,314 bytes)


2013-08-05 10:01

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Same issue here :P


2013-08-05 12:03

reporter   ~0001201

For me the macerator has a texture, it just doesn't show up in NEI. On the actual block the GUI works fine for me on the macerator. I'll try the recycler later, but I'm playing legit as well as testing for bugs. Will get back to you soon.


2013-08-05 15:12

reporter   ~0001202

The recycler works fine for me.


2013-08-10 03:03

reporter   ~0001209

This issue is affecting me as well - 1.118.401 - exact same texture even when using a texture pack. The macerator and electric furnace are textured fine.


2014-06-26 15:22

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