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0000051Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2012-12-13 12:46
ReporterRekalty Assigned ToRichardG  
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Summary0000051: Quantum Helmet Drains way too much power for Hunger
DescriptionEvery time Quantum Helmet "Feeds" you, and refills hunger-bar, it drains 10'000EU, and not the 5'000EU it is listed as costing.
Steps To ReproduceGet hungry, put on helmet.
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2012-11-06 09:57

reporter   ~0000097

Also helmet refills entire hunger bar, but he shouldn't.


2012-11-06 15:57

reporter   ~0000110

yes, I noticed this too. the quantum helmet is drained within 10 minutes of when you put it on due to the enormous amount of EU it takes when refilling your hunger bar. as Boone said, it's also no longer 1 bar below full.


2012-11-06 21:38

reporter   ~0000116

Also, while it does remove the Poison effect, the "animation" effect on your avatar remains. Can confirm that it drains VERY quickly, due to trying to refill hunger to 10, even though it used to only make sure it was at 9.


2012-11-07 06:58

reporter   ~0000128

it shoud drain MUCH MORE to encourage usage of food...


2012-11-07 07:15

reporter   ~0000134

This is not a suggestions-forum, it's Bug-reporting.


2012-11-07 19:17

reporter   ~0000154

RawCode, what would the point of the Quantum Helmet be, then?


2012-11-08 12:10

reporter   ~0000160

point will be punishment for users who ignore food processing, it work fine if you keep food level youself, and empty point of food bar implemented exactly for this.


2012-11-17 15:30

reporter   ~0000240

After finally crafting my Q-suit, I now understand the issue. You do not even have the option to feed yourself, the helmet does it automatically. As a result, the helmet is drained after 30 minutes of play.


2012-11-19 07:40

reporter   ~0000253

So the real problem is:
QSuit does not maintain 90% food level currently, but is currently maintaining 100%. This coupled with the increase in power usage is making it difficult to wear the helmet for long periods.


2012-12-13 12:46

administrator   ~0000452

Closed due to mechanic change.

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