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0000554Industrial-Craft²general / otherpublic2014-06-26 15:23
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Summary0000554: [2.0.128] Advanced RE-Battery, CESU and sulfur dust
DescriptionAccording to NEI, new Tier 2 storage (CESU) uses advanced batteries in crafting, which, in turn, uses sulfur dust. But there is no way to get this dust in survival.
Tagsexperimental build, Invalid
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2013-08-31 15:48

reporter   ~0001267

Ore Washig Plant: Crushed Lead Ore processed in purified ore and small pille of sulfur


2013-09-02 20:23

reporter   ~0001272

This wouldn't be a bug even if there wasn't a way to get sulfur - it's still in development and certain things cannot be made yet.


2014-06-26 15:23

viewer   ~0002578

cleanup campaign close all reports > 6 months

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