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0000573Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2013-09-10 17:18
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Summary0000573: IC2 experimental build 136 - No Fuel Rod (Depleted Uranium) after using up Fuel Rod (Uranium)
DescriptionAfter using up Uranium Fuel Rods in the Nuclear Reactor the Fuel Rods disappear instead of changing to depleted Fuel Rods.

From the source I can see that after Fuel Rod (Uranium) received max damage it should replace it with Fuel Rod (Depleted Uranium).
Steps To ReproducePut the following pattern in the Nuclear Reactor and wait till the Rods are used up.
Additional InformationFrom the source I can see that after Fuel Rod (Uranium) received max damage it should replace it with Ic2Items.reactorDepletedUraniumSimple (ItemReactorUranium.processChamber).

I see a discrepancy between

Ic2Items.reactorDepletedUraniumSimple and InternalName.reactorUraniumSimpledepleted

Maybe that's an issue?

Additional Mods of interest: GregTech 4.02h
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2013-09-06 09:26


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screenshot.png (95,679 bytes)


2013-09-06 09:43

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I just tested the issue in creative again and monitored it closely when the rods were nearly depleted:

The depleted rods are indeed created but instantly dropped into the world instead of staying in the reactor.

I would consider this still a minor bug but you can resolve the issue since the depleted rods are indeed created.


2013-09-06 14:36

viewer   ~0001302

thanks for report ...already know whats wrong :-)


2013-09-10 17:18

viewer   ~0001336

fixed by player in Build#142

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