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0000597Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2015-05-14 12:25
ReporterNightlinerSGS Assigned ToThunderdark  
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Summary0000597: Induction furnace energy storage display doesn't work.
DescriptionThe energy storage icon in the induction furnace doesn't fill up, despite the furnace being powered. There is a bug report for the same issue 4 months ago, 0000407 which is marked as resolved.

This bug was (re)introduced in one of the recent experimental versions.

Tested in build 173.

Steps To Reproduce- Build induction furnace.
- Put a battery into it or hook up a energy storage.
- Watch as power gets drained until internal storage is filled, but storage icon doesn't get red.
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2013-09-15 11:59

reporter   ~0001363

Mixed up bug reports. This bug got first mentioned in the comments of 0000407, and the bug report about this issue was 0000412, which was marked as resolved.


2013-09-15 18:17

viewer   ~0001375

will be fixed in build#173 thx NightlinerSGS

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