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0000606Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-09-20 11:38
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Summary0000606: Canning machine crash on mode switch trying to make cf foam
DescriptionI had a canning machine with water and cf powder in it and tried to change to the right mode when I got this crash

then I switched to build 183 to make sure it didn't get fixed already and got this crash on world load
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2013-09-16 17:29

reporter   ~0001389

looks like the cause might have actually been trying to fill a cf gun with foam liquid since i had two canners hooked up with translocators


2013-09-17 03:25

reporter   ~0001394

"Crash when trying to fill something with the wrong liquid" is still a bug. Can you reproduce it in a system not using translocators?


2013-09-17 15:19

reporter   ~0001396

I successfully reproduced the crash to be happening when trying to fill a cf gun with foam liquid
filling either of the tanks works fine
and this is what happens when I try to load the world again


2013-09-17 15:39

reporter   ~0001397

I noticed you got a NullPointerException, and you are using Forge 843. It's probably an IC2 issue, but I'm curious what will happen if you use Forge 871. There were a couple entries in their changelog relating to fluids and NPEs.


2013-09-17 17:02

reporter   ~0001401

good call that fixed it...duh /o\


2013-09-17 17:05

reporter   ~0001403

Cool! What does it do now, when you give it the wrong liquid? Just nothing? I still need to download the latest version for myself and try it out. (Been running 153 on my server all week, waiting for the canning machine to be finished.)


2013-09-17 17:39

reporter   ~0001404

well it wasn't the wrong liquid it was the liquid cf foam that when filling the cf gun caused that crash

trying to fill the cf gun with water or honey does nothing


2013-09-17 18:14

reporter   ~0001406

So now you can fill the CF sprayer with no problem, or is there still a bug?


2013-09-17 19:30

reporter   ~0001415

now with forge 871 I can fill it fine yes


2013-09-18 00:44

reporter   ~0001420

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version 2.0.195

I have the same crash problem. If I try to fill CF sprayer from the LEFT canner reservoir, it crashes the game. Same null point exception, even with the 871 forge!

To put CF liquid in the LEFT reservoir, it takes some effort. You need to unload it from the RIGHT (output)reservoir of the canner into the BC tank, then route it back to the canner, so the input reservoir (LEFT) becomes filled with the CF liquid. Placing an empty CF Sprayer in attempt to fill it - in "refill from the reservoir" mode, crashes the game. Filling universal fluid cells with liquid CF this way, works.

I don't belive it could be BC related, will try to remove BC after filling the LEFT reservoir and report back.

Tried with 859 and 871 forge, both same...

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