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0000615Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-09-20 03:35
ReportermadhatrAssigned ToThunderdark 
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PlatformOSwin 7 x64OS VersionSP1
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Summary0000615: Laser can no longer use Lappack or batpack
DescriptionExperimental build 0000184
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2013-09-18 17:51

reporter   ~0001425

I don't recall the laser ever being able to use anything but its internal power source. Do you know what version it used Lappacks in?


2013-09-19 03:46

reporter   ~0001432

I believe it was working in ex build 130. I know it used one of the packs because I would take a few down and strip mine. I'll run the old build and confirm tomorrow.


2013-09-19 14:27

reporter   ~0001437

in non experemental builds laser use lappack and backpack just like all other electric items.


2013-09-19 16:26

viewer   ~0001446

Mininglaser T3 but backpack T1 and Lappacks T2
you can only charge if Tier Item <= Tier Pack

... work in progress more change incoming


2013-09-20 03:35

reporter   ~0001452

Okay thanks for the update. Good to know!

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