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0000624Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-09-20 11:26
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Summary0000624: CF backpack get's empty, you still have some CF in your handgun, game crashes
DescriptionIf your CF Backpack is empty, and you have full or partially filled CF sprayer in hand, and try to use it, game will crash. It wont crash if you take out your empty backpack and put it in the inventory. Probably as a result to the latest backpack tweak in the 205 version...
Steps To ReproducePut partially filled or full CF Sprayer in your hand, it works. Put an empty CF Backpack and try to spray - crash.
Additional InformationIt happens on 205 and 206... CF Backpack needs some more tweaking, it seems...

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2013-09-19 20:31

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