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0000628Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-09-22 08:04
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Summary0000628: semifluid generator does not accept, consume, or produce anything.
Descriptionswitched to experimental 2_2.0.216 from .193. tested semifluid generator for accepting liquids from BC pipe(intentional?), buckets, and cells. no method found to place liquid in the generator. Generator also does not consume preexisting liquid (if placed before update), or produce eu into internal storage, batteries placed in the corresponding slot, or into batboxes both adjacent and wired.

tested with water and lava.
Steps To Reproduceplace a semiliquid generator.
use a bucket, cell, or universal cell in the liquid slot in the gui. (fails)
Additional Informationin 1.193, the generator would accept liquid from buckets and cells, but would not consume it or produce eu.
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2013-09-21 18:28

viewer   ~0001470

tested with water and lava ???
semiliquid generator use BC Oil/Fuel and Foresty Biomass / Ethnol


2013-09-21 23:11

reporter   ~0001471

ok. so the glitch is that the previous version accepted those fuels. i just checked and it does work properly with bc/forestry liquids. it does not purge invalid liquids, so the machine has to be re-placed to clear internal inventory.

close the ticket please.

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