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0000629Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2014-08-28 08:01
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Summary0000629: Fuel cells stackable in reactor. 2.0.216 experimental
Descriptionfuel cells can be stacked in the reactor if the stack is
A. at the same 'health'
B. shift+clicked

a stack cannot be dropped into the reactor, but a stack can be placed and the whole stack will be consumed as if it were 1 fuel rod.
Steps To Reproduceplace a reactor
have 2+ cells stacked in inventory on the hot bar
shift+click the stack while the reactor gui is open.
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2013-09-21 05:08


Capture.PNG (13,265 bytes)   
Capture.PNG (13,265 bytes)   


2013-09-21 18:26

viewer   ~0001469

its not a Bug we wait for a Forge Update to change...stacking
to time its wip


2014-08-28 08:01

administrator   ~0003357

Should be fixed now.

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