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0000640Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-09-25 13:54
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Summary0000640: Energy crystals not dropping when wrenching MFE
DescriptionI had a full energy crystal in MFE top slot and wrenched the MFE. MFE itself dropped but crystal was lost.

Using industrialcraft-2_2.0.223-experimental
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2013-09-24 14:09

reporter   ~0001565

Similarly I just lost a scanner when wrenching a miner.


2013-09-25 12:36

reporter   ~0001568

But they fixed this bug back in the 150s or so! It doesn't happen to me in build 216. Will have to try with 223. Do you have GT installed? Might it be a weird wrench doing it?


2013-09-25 13:20

reporter   ~0001569

Bah, apparently you are right. It is a problem with GT after all. Sorry for the spam. From now on I'll be sure to test things out without GT before reporting. Feel free to close this.


2013-09-25 13:54

viewer   ~0001572

GT Bug not relational with IC2

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