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0000643Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-09-25 13:53
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PlatformPCOSWindows 8OS Versionx64 bit
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Summary0000643: Fuel (Drops) not droping upon breaking generator
DescriptionFuel which you put into the bottom slot of the generator like Coal/Wood etc.., when you go to break the generator with fuel still inside it is not dropping with the generator when you use a wrench/pick.

Version IC2-Experimental: 2.0.225
Steps To ReproducePlace plain generator add fuel then wrench and only the generator drops not the fuel which is in the inventory.
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2013-09-25 03:31

reporter   ~0001567

Seems to be a dupe of this bug:


2013-09-25 13:22

reporter   ~0001570

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0000640 turned out to be a gregtech bug. Can you try replicating this with just ic2?


2013-09-25 13:53

viewer   ~0001571

tested with IC2-Experimental: 2.0.225 + Forge + Buildcraft
work 100% if you have Gregtech installed try it without ;-)

THQ@ hoho & robot256

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