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0000656Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-11-23 11:07
Reportercyprus2056 Assigned ToThunderdark  
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PlatformIC2 Exp v234 
Summary0000656: Canning Machine doesn't return empty cells out of Fluid Cells
Description1) Set Canning Machine to "drain from Cell to Tank"
2) Put Fluid Cells in (tested: Oil, Water, Creosole)
3) Liquid goes into internal tank, but doesn't return the empty cell
Tagscanning machine, experimental build, universal fluid cell
Minecraft Version



2013-09-29 02:49


2013-09-29_04.40.28.png (236,299 bytes)   
2013-09-29_04.40.28.png (236,299 bytes)   


2013-09-29 04:48

reporter   ~0001635

Are you using the Universal Fluid Cells, or are you using the old-style cells (which show up as fluid-specific cells in the item list)? The old cells are normally consumed when extracting liquid.


2013-09-29 13:42

reporter   ~0001637

I generated the liquid cells via creative, so i guess that are the normal Empty Cells. Tried it with Soul Sand -> Oil Cell centrifuge recipe with GT - same result (of course)
Since no other mod accepts these Universal Fluid Cells its more of a missing cross-mod compatibility...


2013-09-29 15:42

viewer   ~0001638

Cell like UU-Matter Cell, Oil Cell are SingelUse...not a Bug you get ohne a Empey Cell if you use Universal Fluid Cells its like a Bucket "multiuse"

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