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0000658Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2013-10-04 21:26
ReporterGraypupAssigned ToThunderdark 
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Summary0000658: Diamond drill is not registered as a shovel.
DescriptionThe diamond drill cannot break gravel ores from TConstruct, because it isn't registered as a shovel. mDiyo has responded, and said that it's an IC2 bug.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install TConstruct
2. Install IC2
3. Find gravel ore
4. Try to break them with a diamond drill for 5 seconds.
5. Realize that an iron shovel breaks them in about 3 seconds.
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2013-09-29 23:36

reporter   ~0001642

Just checking, you did remember to charge your drill right? And this only happens when Tconstruct is installed? And can you post what version of IC2 just to be clear? Thanks.


2013-10-03 18:38

viewer   ~0001659

in Build#240


2013-10-04 21:26

reporter   ~0001665

robot256: This is an IC2 cross-compat issue. TConstruct doesn't cause it, but is affected by it.

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