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0000670Industrial-Craft┬▓general / otherpublic2013-10-03 17:11
Reportersen-mithrarinAssigned ToThunderdark 
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PlatformMC 1.6.4 / Forge 916 / IC2-e 238OSWin7 Ulti x64 SP1 / Java7u40 x64OS Version7 x64
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Summary0000670: Future of refined Iron
DescriptionIt's more a question than a bug-report, but what is the future of refined Iron ?

Changelog 0000101 :
Got rid of most refined Iron requirements. Refined Iron is going to be removed soon ,as its sole purpose was preventing Recipe conflicts.

Changelog 0000141
Removed any usage of refined Iron, by turning the Forge Hammer Recipe by 90┬░ and making it use regular Iron.

In 0000238 it is almost removed. At least my NEI only shows up smelting Iron into refined Iron an macerating it back into Iron Dust. But Item Casing an the Plates are still listed in NEI. So I think it will be removed in a few builds.

Sad to see one of the best and most used Mods losing one of its key-components just because it was planed to just prevent recipe conflicts.
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2013-10-03 17:11

viewer   ~0001657

future of refined Iron ? there is no future for refined Iron ;-)

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