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0000068Industrial-Craft²nuclear reactor and anything associatedpublic2012-11-17 15:07
ReporterShedar Assigned ToRichardG  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Summary0000068: Invalid return value of the IReactor.getOutput() method
DescriptionWith single uranium cell IReactor.getOutput() returns 1 instead of 5.
Bug occurs with industrialcraft-2_1.108.71-lf.jar.
industrialcraft-2_1.108.52-lf.jar returns 5 as it should
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a reactor
2. turn on reactor
3. add an uranium cell to the reactor
4. Use Debug Item to check reactor's output

Nuclear Control Information Panel also can be used

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2012-11-13 03:22

reporter   ~0000189

Nuclear Control Information Panel

not belong to IC2


2012-11-13 09:21

updater   ~0000190

@RawCode, I forgot about Debug Item.


2012-11-13 11:17

reporter   ~0000192

public int sendEnergy(int var1)
        return EnergyNet.getForWorld(this.worldObj).emitEnergyFrom(this, var1 * IC2.energyGeneratorNuclear);
by design, output (1 per cell) + production rate (5 by default).

you shoud not use outdated addons as source of information


2012-11-13 11:23

updater   ~0000193

1. my addon is not outdated =)
2. it uses official API, which should return correct value
3. Debug Item (part of ic2) reports 1eu/t


2012-11-13 11:55

reporter   ~0000195

you addon is outdated
it use API incorrectly
devs forgot to update debug tool


2012-11-13 12:02

updater   ~0000197

You are either troll or don't understand difference between internal code and API.
In both cases I have nothing to say for you.


2012-11-13 13:48

reporter   ~0000199

then decompile youself and check what class implement IReactor and how, i wont repeat myself.


2012-11-13 15:30

reporter   ~0000202

Like I mentioned on the IC2 thread for Nuclear Control Information... My hunch is that the change to IReactor.getOutput() was done in relation to the change for the experimental steam changes. There's a config option to enable steam reactor output.

So my assumption is that the value IReactor.getOutput() returns needs to be multiplied by either a value of 5 if the reactor is outputting EU, or multiplied by some different value if outputting steam. That way IReactor.getOutput() doesn't need to know if steam is enabled or not, the output value will always be the same regardless of whether EU or steam is enabled... but later on, energy/steam checks can multiply that value by whatever factor based upon if energy or steam is switched on.

So Nuclear Control Information should multiply the result from IReactor.getOutput() by 5 to correctly display EU output. I don't know if you can read the steam output enabled config option inside IC2... but if you can, then you could also possibly display Steam/t instead of EU/t by multiplying by whatever factor the steam output is valued at.


2012-11-13 15:57

updater   ~0000204

Public API is designed to allow to interact with component without information about it's implementation. If you will check the latest version of the API, you will see
     * Get the reactor's energy output.
     * @return Energy output in EU/t
    public int getOutput();
I see nothing about multiplication. It is a latest version of the API.
If API will be changed - I will update my addon. Otherwise it is a bug.
Yes, I can get information via reflection again. But I wouldn't, it is a step backward.


2012-11-13 19:29

reporter   ~0000206

RichardG is the one who made the change I believe... possibly he failed to update the comment? What do other sections of the IC2 code do after they call getOutput()? I'm guessing they multiply by either the EU factor or the Steam factor?


2012-11-14 09:40

reporter   ~0000209

@Shedar blablabla mr freeman


Read this lines carefully, multiple times if needed, latest version of API is not for latest version of beta.

Since you not able to change API, you shoud change your code, how to change your code listed in my second reply.

And for reflections !!!!YOU WILL GET SAME OUTPUT!!!!


2012-11-14 10:30

updater   ~0000210

> Since you not able to change API
Okay, you finally understand, that something wrong with API *applause*
But your logic is weird, "If something wrong there - change something here, to be as wrong as other side".
My logic: "if something wrong there - report the problem, so it can be fixed".


2012-11-14 12:48

reporter   ~0000211

If something changed there - change something here, to be same as other side.

you try to report reactor update as bug...


2012-11-16 14:34

administrator   ~0000219

The debug item doesn't read EU/t.

Care to read the changelog?


2012-11-16 14:52

updater   ~0000220

Last edited: 2012-11-16 15:21

> Care to read the changelog?
What do you mean? Did I miss something about API update?


2012-11-17 14:55

administrator   ~0000223

You did miss something, unless I forgot to add it.

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