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0000730Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-10-18 15:02
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Summary0000730: 2.0.260 scuba helmet not consuming compressed air
Descriptionthis one is very specific in the way it works.
you have to have compressed air cells in your inventory, but not in any of the hot bar slots.
you have to have an empty cell in one of the hot bar slots.

your scuba helmet will replenish your air bubbles, without consuming a cell.
Steps To Reproduce1.put on scuba helmet.
2.put compressed air cells in inventory, but not hot bar slots.
3.put empty cell in a hot bar slot.
4.stand at bottom of lake, and watch your bubbles.
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2013-10-17 07:53

reporter   ~0001783

confirmed in build 271


2013-10-17 17:38

reporter   ~0001787

Oh right, I forgot to report that one!

Considering that if you don't have any empty cells in your inventory already, the first emptied air cell gets placed into your hotbar, this "exploit" tends to set itself up automatically. It's actually a bit funny :p

Existed since at least build 202, if I recall correctly.


2013-10-18 15:02

viewer   ~0001791

in Build>0000272 thx@inucune

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