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0000736Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2013-10-18 15:47
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Summary0000736: API does not list NBT information for thermal centrifuge and ore washing plant
DescriptionIt is not being documented in the API that the thermal centrifuge and ore washing plant recipes require NBT tags, and how they should be structured. Without these NBT tags, added recipes will crash as soon as they are loaded and make it unable to load the world without crashing until the machine is removed with an external editor.

The API should document this:
- For the thermal centrifuge, {"minHeat": xxx}
- For the ore washing plant, {"amount": xxx}

Additionally, it would be better if the recipe addition would fail rather than having the server crash when the recipe is being used.
Steps To Reproduce- Add a recipe for any of these machines without supplying an NBT tag
- Make a world backup
- Try using the recipe
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2013-10-18 15:47

viewer   ~0001793

add info to API Doc.
catch (incorrect recipe )crash ..spam Log with
"XXXXX incorrect recipe add using API Metadate must have Integer(xxxx) Output:xxx

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