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0000747Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-11-01 18:43
Reporterzerotheliger Assigned ToThunderdark  
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OSWindows 8.1 Server Running Linux 
Summary0000747: Replicator
DescriptionThe issue is as follows. i scanned items that are accepted as patterns place the machines together in a row with mass fabs pumping liquid UU into the replicator.

1. the replicator, cannot change the current pattern that its fabricating

2. The replicator will not stop when hitting the stop button.

3. the scanner cannot scan while the replicator is running creating items from uu and energy build 274 Exp ic2 1.6.4 forge .923
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2013-10-21 02:06

reporter   ~0001819

Last edited: 2013-10-21 02:08

disregard issue number 3 misunderstanding but the other 2 issues are valid

also issue 1. i mean i cant click the arrows in the gui of the replicator. even though i have 5 patterns in the adjacent pattern provider that it received from its adjacent scanner


2013-10-21 15:29

viewer   ~0001829

hm... checked point 1,2 with Build 277 with current Dev Setup and Forgecraft client work fine... please make same Pic or Video about the problem


2013-10-26 21:24


replicator.png (667,413 bytes)


2013-10-26 21:25

reporter   ~0001855

I have the exact same issue - I've uploaded replicator.png which shows the problem.

Currently on build 280.


2013-10-27 02:30

reporter   ~0001857

I was able to get this to work, as well as reproducing the defect.

If you start your server fresh, and scan an item, directly adjacent to a pattern storage block, which is in turn directly adjacent to a replicator, this works as intended.

However, if you scan an item where the pattern storage is not touching the replicator at that time, you cannot recover from this without restarting your server.

all subsequent scans of items will result in error, and there is no way to get the replicator to function without restarting your server.


2013-10-29 01:53

reporter   ~0001859

Same issue, tried to scan an item without the replicator attached. Then assembled everything correctly and wasn't able to scan any items. Just got X Error


2013-11-01 18:43

viewer   ~0001872

fixed in last Version

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