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0000757Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2013-11-01 18:04
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Summary0000757: Reinforced stone : no crafting recipe
DescriptionI would like to build a patern storage for my scanner, but saddly can't get reinforced stone.
I heard that using CF spray on a iron scaffold would create it, and i have CF powder. But I couldnt find out how to use this powder or even load in the sprayer.

thank you for trying to help me ^^
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2013-10-26 09:27

reporter   ~0001849

Please post only bugs here and use forum instead for this kind of questions.

@Thunder/Greg/Player: Close this ticket.


2013-11-01 15:56

reporter   ~0001860

Please restore Reinforced Stone *crafting* recipe! It's very important to craft it on crafting table!!! Many mods using it as a base block for example Advanced Repulsion Systems.


2013-11-01 18:04

viewer   ~0001861

use forum instead for this kind of questions...his is a BUG-TRACKER

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