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0000762Industrial-Craft²tools / electric itemspublic2013-11-03 09:10
ReporterGunner76th Assigned ToThunderdark  
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PlatformMinecraft 1.6.4OSWindows 7 OS VersionUltimate 64bit
Summary0000762: CF Pack crafted with damage value
DescriptionWhen crafting the CF Pack, instead of being crafted as item 30129, it is instead crafted as 30129:259 and shows around 50% damage.

Also, the NEI is not displaying the correct method of filling the CF Sprayer or the CF Pack.

When sprayer is used when wearing the pack, I had 1 charge in the pack, and after spraying the charge, the pack still showed a charge of 1000mB. However after logging out and back into the server, the pack then showed as empty.

Running the following:
Minecraft 1.6.4
MCP v8.11
FML v6.4.28.930
Minecraft Forge
IC2 2.0.281-experimental
Steps To ReproduceCraft the CF Pack per NEI instructions, with 2 empty sprayers, 1 electronic circuit, 4 empty fuel cans, and 1 iron casing. Output on the crafting table was a CF Pack, with damage value of 259, and also shows this as such in the NEI Shaped IC2 Crafting window

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2013-11-03 09:10

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