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Summary0000856: Heat vents potentially transfer more heat than intended
DescriptionDrawing attention to a phenomenon discovered by Bobblybook on the forums here:

Ever since build 288, where reactors where changed to calculate twice per tick, it seems that heat exchangers transfer more than they should. At minimum, basic heat exchangers and reactor heat exchangers are affected. It remains to be seen whether or not component heat exchangers and advanced heat exchangers also show this behavior.

With the reactor calculating twice, they exchangers apply their transfer power twice, therefore transferring twice as much heat as they did before build 288. Ostensibly a buff - twice as much bang for your buck - this was discovered to break one perticular existing reactor design that is extremely sensitive to too much transfer power in the wrong place. If it was not for that design, it might have never been discovered.

The question is - was this an intended buff to exchangers, or was this an oversight? The broken reactor design can be easily fixed, so there is no problem per se with the values as they currently are. But just in case it was unintended, I wanted to point you guys towards it.

Balance consideration: If component exchangers in particular do twice as much as previously thought, this makes room for stronger MOX reactors, as they rely on component exchangers for spreading heat. Less exchangers needed means more room for heat vents.
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