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Summary0000931: Pattern scanner fails to scan non-ic2 versions of ores
DescriptionThe pattern scanner doesn't seem to check the ore dictionary for any of it's recipes. It won't scan non-vanilla or non-ic2 versions of items, such as ores, at all.
Steps To ReproduceAttempt to scan tin/lead/copper ore from another mod, such as thermal expansion.
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2014-02-19 18:38

reporter   ~0002164

I forgot to mentioned that I also have IC2 copper/tin generation disabled. These are the two ores I'm having trouble with.


2014-02-19 19:30

reporter   ~0002165

tin/lead/copper already exists in IC2, and you disabled it, so it doesn't exist in a world but it might have a item ID/name conflict. Probably better not to use the other ores? Unless of course they generate more often than in IC2 :-P


2014-02-19 21:30

reporter   ~0002168

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Well, for example, It'll scan TE copper ore, but only if IC2 copper ore world generation is enabled.

I'd imagine it's intended for ore dictionary items to work regardless of IC2's world generation settings


2014-06-26 15:25

viewer   ~0002661

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