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0000937Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-06-26 15:25
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Summary0000937: Sound from automated miners won't stop
DescriptionFinally got an automated Miner, and let it run with 60 mining pipes till it hit the bottom. Let it withdraw, and originally thought that the sound would stop when it hit the end of it's cycle. It didn't. Removed the block, sound didn't stop. It continues to play as if the machine's still there toiling away. It even continues into the main menu, and is only stopped by quitting the game.

Note that it seems to be a random glitch, as I haven't been able yet to get it to do it again.
Steps To Reproduce1. Get a miner, power it, give it pipe and a drill.
2. Let it drill a few blocks.
3. Withdraw the pipe, and the remove the machine block. The sound doesn't stop.
4. Exit to the main menu, and the sound continues.
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IC ver. 2.0.397
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2014-06-26 15:25

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