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0000095Industrial-Craft²crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIpublic2013-02-02 01:50
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Summary0000095: BC Gate 'Has Amplifier' and 'No Amplifier' don't update if there is amplifier again
DescriptionI place a cobble structure pipe next to the mass fabricator and set it to output a redstone signal if it doesn't have amplifier and it works for shutting it down when it runs out of scrap, but it doesn't turn off the redstone signal and the 'No Amplifier' condition is still true when it gets scrap again.
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2012-11-23 07:39

updater   ~0000293

is this problem also happening if you use normal redstone for the signal?


2012-11-23 13:19

reporter   ~0000298

Even if the massfab is supplied with scrap, the 'No Amplifier' condition inside the gate will stay true. The redstone signal is not the problem, the Amplifier/No Amplifier conditions are.


2012-11-23 21:36

reporter   ~0000300

The gate trigger checks the mass fab's .matter property (its internal amplifier storage), but when a redstone signal is present, the mass fab will not consume scrap from the inventory slot into internal storage (as of 1.106, but I doubt that's changed since).

Easy fixes I can think of: make the gate trigger check for amplifier present in the scrap input slot (dirty, code duplication, bad idea) or make the mass fab consume scrap into its internal storage even when a redstone signal is present.

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