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Summary0000966: industrialcraft-2_2.0.397-experimental, can't craft MV-Transformer.
DescriptionThe recipe for MV-Transformer displays as a single copper cable in the top-left of the crafting grid:
However, the same recipe of copper cable in the top-left of the crafting grid also displays for single-use battery:
But, placing the copper cable in the top-left corner of a crafting grid actually produces nothing:
Steps To ReproduceCheck NEI for the recipe, and try the recipe out.
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2014-03-03 05:51


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2014-03-03_05.45.43.png (151,659 bytes)


2014-03-03 23:39

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The recipe is: "C", "M", "C", where 'C' is insulated copper cable, and 'M' is a machine.


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