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0000995Industrial-Craft²machinespublic2014-07-10 16:31
ReporterPhoenix_CZ Assigned ToThunderdark  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000995: Canning machine - lost buckets
DescriptionWhen I fill buckets in canning machine and full bucket is not removed, canning machine continue to fill another one, but output is not stacked and second bucket which is filling is lost.
Steps To Reproducefill two buckets in canning machine without removing first already filles
Additional Informationusing latest IC2 exp build 432
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2014-03-21 19:22

reporter   ~0002283

buckets are dropped if canning machine is wrenched, but it lost old buckets.


2014-07-10 16:31

viewer   ~0002767

fixed in Build > 505 THX@Phoenix_CZ

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