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0000999Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2014-08-07 11:00
Reporterb2softAssigned ToPlayer 
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version8.1
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000999: Voltmeter not working
DescriptionVoltmeter for wires doesn't working
Steps To Reproduce1. Craft the voltmeter
2. Right click on any wire
3. Receive only animation, no chat messages with voltage
Additional Information2.1.436 version
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2014-03-28 20:31

reporter   ~0002305

Not a bug, E-net is work in progress. Volt meter will be fixed after E-net is finished.


2014-03-28 20:32

reporter   ~0002307

if it's not a secret, in which update should we wait it fixed?


2014-03-28 20:37

reporter   ~0002311

No idea, it's been this way for almost a year. Devs hate being asked for release dates ;-)


2014-03-28 20:39

reporter   ~0002312

After year it will be Half-Life 3 and Minecraft 25.7.2. And only IC2 still will be with "no bugs, features only"...OK...

з.ы. no HL3. sorry. Gabe Newell©

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