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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000221231 E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocksminornew2017-06-28EU-Splitter Cable disconnects all before and after it.
  000220052 tools / electric itemscrashresolved (Chocohead)2017-06-27Server Crash while use the Tool Box or Cropnalyzer
  000221311 general / othercrashacknowledged2017-06-27Client crash after runing with IndustrialCraft 2 version 2.8.2-ex112
  00022048   general / othercrashassigned (Player)2017-06-26[1.10.2]IC2 crash,even crash log isn't generated.
  000221121 tools / electric itemsminornew2017-06-24Luminators pop out from cables on save load
  000219121 machinesminornew2017-06-24Fluid/solid canning machine enrichment doesn't fill cells
  0002210    general / otherminornew2017-06-23Some textures having shadows and showing purple+black when broken.
  0001906    general / otherminorconfirmed (Player)2017-06-23Cables having bad texture
  000220641 nuclear reactor and anything associatedmajornew2017-06-22Chunkloader doesn't load reactors.
  0002209 1 tools / electric itemsminornew2017-06-21create more material in industrial workbench rather than consume it
  00015132   tools / electric itemsmajorresolved (Aroma1997)2017-06-19CF Backpack doesn't drain and is exploitable
  00022081   tools / electric itemscrashresolved (Aroma1997)2017-06-19Game crashes when Nanosuit takes ticking damage
  000220741 crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIcrashresolved (Chocohead)2017-06-18Crashing during Init Phase 2 when Thermal Expansion is present
  0002205    tools / electric itemsminoracknowledged2017-06-16Jetpack mode on Quantum Suit not disableable
  00022023   machinesmajorresolved (Chocohead)2017-06-10Fluid Distributor distributes fluids equally and not based on priority as described on the wiki
  0002203    tools / electric itemsmajornew2017-06-10Tool Box is disapeearing when a player click it while it is opened
  000220121 tools / electric itemscrashresolved (Chocohead)2017-06-07Server crashes if you charge a jetpack in a CESU
  000219911 E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockscrashresolved (Chocohead)2017-06-07Server Crash while changing the Redstone Signal Energy Storage
  00021982   tools / electric itemstweaknew2017-06-07Obscurator doesn't work with mod textures and CF covered cables
  00019596816 E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocksmajorfeedback (Aroma1997)2017-06-06Cables Not Connecting/Loading
  000219344 general / othercrashresolved (Chocohead)2017-06-05Items with GUI cause server crash
  000219711 E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocksminornew2017-06-045-block-long tin cable has no energy loss
  000219441 tools / electric itemsminorresolved (Player)2017-06-03Quantum/NanoSuit Armor Durability (+ Eu Jetpack)
  000213321 crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APImajorresolved (Chocohead)2017-06-03Biogas duplication with Liquid Heat Generator and Ender IO pipes
  00021851   machinestweakresolved (Chocohead)2017-06-03Semifluid Generator consumes Biogas too fast
  000214961 tools / electric itemsminorresolved (Chocohead)2017-06-02Mining Laser does not render properly when displayed in the off hand
  000219611 general / othercrashresolved (Chocohead)2017-06-02NanoSuit Helmet HUD problems
  00021953   general / othermajorresolved (Player)2017-06-02Railcraft requires .192 build of IC2
  000218811 E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockstrivialnew2017-05-30Freshly placed cables kill light level for block
  0001869421 general / othercrashfeedback2017-05-29Crash - java.util.ConcurrentModificationException (industrialcraft-2-2.3.232-ex18)
  0002190 1 machinesmajornew2017-05-23Wind mill loses its rotor randomly
  00021891   machinesminornew2017-05-23Unequal Obsidian Plate Recipe
  000218741 machinesmajorresolved (Chocohead)2017-05-22Advanced miner causes game crash
  00021031   Agriculture / crops / Boozeceptionminorresolved (Aroma1997)2017-05-21Beetroot cant be placed on crops
  00021818   general / otherminorresolved (Chocohead)2017-05-18Bronze armor does not break. IC2 2.7.30 Forge 1.11.2-
  000218371 tools / electric itemsminorassigned (Chocohead)2017-05-17Mining Laser bug
  00021732   tools / electric itemscrashresolved (Chocohead)2017-05-13Shift-clicking with cutters crashes the game, loses items
  000215761 machinesminorresolved (Chocohead)2017-05-13Can't put items into scanner
  000218041 machinestrivialresolved (Chocohead)2017-05-11when i get to use the scanner he dosent scan anything
  00021781   general / othertweakresolved (Chocohead)2017-05-08Substituting Bronze for Iron crafts wrong number of rails
  000217911 crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIcrashresolved (Chocohead)2017-05-07Compatablity Crash with Advanced Machines on startup with Version 2-2.6.207-ex110
  000217571 general / otherminorresolved (Chocohead)2017-05-06Shift-clicking in industrial workbench fills inventory with stacks of resulting item
  000217721 machinescrashresolved (Chocohead)2017-05-06Minecraft crashes when the Luminator is connected to nothing.
  00021763   machinesminorresolved (Aroma1997)2017-05-05Batch Crafter does not split stacks
  00021672   crossmod-compatibility / submodules / APIminorresolved (Player)2017-05-02Sounds not played with DynamicSurroundings mod
  00021644   E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocksmajorresolved (Player)2017-05-02Underpowered miner kills FPS
  00020762   E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blocksminorresolved (Player)2017-05-02FPS drop when machine requests more power than cables have available
  000198872 machinesmajorresolved (Player)2017-05-02Massive FPS Drop With Recyclers
  00021741   general / othertweakresolved (Chocohead)2017-05-01A couple things related to Water Mills
  00021711   general / otherminorconfirmed (Chocohead)2017-05-01UU-Matter and Hotspring Water regeneration
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