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0001112Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2015-07-20 17:38
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Summary0001112: Tin cable - no energy loss from 40+ blocks
DescriptionIf i transfer energy using tin cable there is no energy loss if transfering in 40+ blocks. I set up even 80 block-length path and there still was 1e loss. I was using solar generator which produces 1e/t. So if using 40 length path there should be 1e/t loss which would lead in 1-1 = 0e/t. But it still produces 1e/t.
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duplicate of 0000550 assignedPlayer [2.0.125 - tin cables do not blow up when overloaded, no electrocution...] 



2014-07-17 02:36

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experimental. Build 484.
And i made a mistake in one sentence. It should be
I set up even 80 block-length path and there still was NO loss.


2014-07-17 09:15

viewer   ~0002797

energy loss is not implemented in current Build...
E-Net is W.I.P

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