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0001468Industrial-Craft²E-Net, cabling, storage/transformer blockspublic2015-04-06 19:49
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Product VersionBuilds for MC 1.7.10 
Summary0001468: Electrolyzer accepts any type of cell in input and output slots, can duplicate output cells
DescriptionThe Electrolyzer accepts any type of (non-universal) cell in both the input and output slots. This results in incorrect output results.

For example, putting an Empty Cell in the left slot (right slot empty) of an Electrolyzer next to a full MFE will consume the Empty Cell and place an Electrolyzed Water Cell in the right slot.

If the output slot of the Electrolyzer has a cell in it, the Electrolyzer duplicates that cell instead of the expected behavior.

See Steps To Reproduce for more examples.

Tested with 2.2.653-experimental
Steps To Reproduce(left and right slots refer to the slots in Electrolyzer)

--Using Full MFE--

Empty Cell in left slot, leave right slot empty: Empty Cell consumed, Electrolyzed Water Cell placed in right slot.

Lava Cell in left slot, Compressed Air Cell in right slot: Lava Cell consumed, right slot now contains 2 Compressed Air Cells

--Using Empty MFE--

Left slot empty, Empty Cell in right slot: Empty Cell in right slot consumed, Water Cell placed in left slot.

UuMatter Cell in left slot, Water Cell in right slot: Water Cell in right slot consumed, left slot now contains 2 UuMatter Cells. (See attached electrolyzer_duplicate image)
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2014-11-17 18:24


electrolyzer_duplicate.png (29,263 bytes)   
electrolyzer_duplicate.png (29,263 bytes)   


2014-11-17 18:26

reporter   ~0003566

Note: The image incorrectly states "attached to full MFE". This should be "empty MFE"

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